Monday, October 18, 2010

My new Photography Blog!

LaRee Photography
I have been super busy lately taking lots of pictures for people, so in order to create kind of a portfolio for myself, I created a blog. (Click the link or picture above to see it)
Photography has always been a HUGE PASSION of mine. Even when I was little I begged my Mom to buy me a disposable camera. Then in Jr. High I got my first camera, and you better believe I took TONS of pictures! High School was no different. I always had a camera with me, and was taking pictures of soccer practices, and games, or drill team practices and performances. In fact, I was even the historian. My High School graduation present from my family was my first video camera, and so when I performed on my college dance team, I recorded every performance...but I still took TONS of pictures. I have wanted to get better at photography for....ever... so I finally decided that if I am ever going to get better, I may as well start! So although I have a lot to learn, I am picking up tricks and techniques just by experimenting with all the shoots I have been doing, and I LOVE it! Not only do I love the actual picture taking, but I love seeing how I can get creative while I edit each photo. So anyway, check out my photography blog, and give me some feedback!! Cause that is how I will learn!:)

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