Friday, January 6, 2012

O Christmas Tree!

This was my Christmas tree this year. I love this, because it shows some of the half-wrapped gifts from little, curious hands getting a sneak peek, and ornaments on the floor from two little boys playing swords with rolls of wrapping paper.

Bird's Nest Necklaces

I made these cute bird's nest necklaces for a bunch of friends and family members this Christmas. They were a hit! They are so simple, yet so cute! I originally saw the idea on pinterest, and then replicated it. All you have to do is string as many beads onto a long piece of wire (I like the look of three best, but also think that just one big pearl looks cool.) and then you just twist the wire in a circle til you have the right size nest. So easy! I have seen people make these as Mother's necklaces with beads the colors of her kid's birthstones. That would be super cute for Mother's day!

Christmas Ornaments

I put together some photo ornaments for a few friends this year, with their child's pics in them. It's nice being a photographer, because I have pictures of most of my friend's kids ;)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

'Member that one time when I had a craft blog?

Here is an apron I whipped up one night for my sister, for Christmas. I hope she likes it as much as I do! (I almost kept it!)

Yikes it has never been this far between posts. Oops. I guess life happened. Which means I am expecting again, and this time has by far been my hardest pregnancy. I am expecting my third BOY the end of April, 2012. (I thought I better put the year, in case I don't post for another couple years...:)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cute Camera Strap Cover!

I have been meaning to make one of these forever, but my sewing machine broke, and so I didn't have one for months. It was driving me crazy, so I am now borrowing my Mom's OLD White brand sewing machine that she got when she graduated from high school! lol But it works like a charm!!

This was my first time making a ruffle. And I think I will be putting ruffles on just about everything now. Maybe even my boys' clothes. (jk, husband.)

Ta Da! Now when you book a session with me/LaRee Photography, you will get to see this cute thing in action ;)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A D.I. Vase Thingy

I bought this little vase thingy at DI for a dollar, and it was white, and kinda ugly. So I spray painted it red, added some raffia and bought a cute bird to set in it like a nest! It now resides in my living room! I also did some product photography and used it as one of my props:)

Another Father's Day gift idea

I found these mugs at Target in the Dollar Section! Then I rolled up a tie and stuffed it in there and wrapped it up! I got those cute books for a couple bucks at Seagull Book, and then made a couple cards to go with! :)

Fathers Day...a little late

For Fathers Day I did some cute bottles full of all my hubby's favorite treats! Then that same week, I made one for my brother's 30th birthday! Such a fun little way to make someone feel special, even the fella's. I got my free printables for this from another blogger, who I cannot find anymore:( So if you know who did this, let me know cause I would love to give them credit! :) Very cute idea, and even cuter with the retro labels!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm baaaack!

I haven't given up on all my hobbies. Just been super busy with photography lately. (yep, that same old story) I want to introduce my brand new WEBSITE-! Please check it out! And if you live in Utah County, or Salt Lake County, don't be shy! Book a session! :)

I will be posting LOTS of my furniture befors and afters very soon!!

And the picture above is from a background I put together for my Summer Special. Some flip flops and a little permanent marker never looked so good! ;)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Heartfelt Wall Hangings!

Whoa. Please excuse my looooong absence! I have never gone this long without blogging here! I have been SUPER DUPER busy with my photography lately. I have started shooting preschools and private schools in the Salt Lake/Utah counties, and believe I have found my nich in photography! If you know of a preschool, small private school, or small charter school or even dance or team portraits, please send them my way!! Don't forget to check out my Photography Blog! :)

ANYWAY, I'm not blogging to tell you about my photography. I'm blogging to tell you about my super awesome birthday bash!! :) This year, I had me and the gals in my fam go to Heartfelt Wall Hangings and make a craft! K, if you live in UTAH, this is a MUST go to place! Not only is this super fun, but it's totally affordable and Hiedi (the gal who owns and runs it) is fabulous!! She is super nice and accomodating! I went again today (a month after my bday party) and made some adorable decor, and Hiedi even provided the cookies and diet coke! HELLO people! Is that not amazing!?

We each picked out the craft kit we wanted to complete and then sat there and chatted, ate some treats, and painted our wood to put adorable vinyl lettering on.
Here I am, showing off my adorable Welcome Home hanger that is now hanging ever so cutely right next to my front door.

A pic of a few of my favorite ladies making their crafts!

This is the Family picture holder my Mom made. Stinking cute! It holds three pictures! (of coarse I took the liberty of putting pics of my boys that I had taken on those for her:)

And every month, Hiedi offers a FREE (yes, totally FREE) project to make when you attend a workshop class. She has classes three days a week, I believe, and several different times to choose from! I love these cute picture holders, and I love them even more cause they! Check her blog to see when classes are!

And lastly, a cute pic of my Mom with her finished project and her latest grandbaby! Our sweet Cosette!:)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Cakes & Quilts

For Relief Society last week, I was asked to teach a cake decorating class. I made this pig cake for one of the examples. Wouldn't any kid love this!? I used strawberry whoppers, pink snowball cakes, jr. mints, and strawberry and chocolate frostings.

We also tied quilts for the humanitarian aid effort that our church (the LDS church) is always contributing to.

We enjoyed lots of other cakes, and so many ladies in our ward have such great talents! These cakes were not only beautiful, but delicious too!!!

Debra Knudsen made this cake...I think SHE should have been the one teaching the cake decorating class! Are you kidding me!? Gorgeous! With the Relief Society symbol on it!

St. Patty's wall quilt

My cute clover wall quilt, put up on my cute door. Love that thing! Stay tuned for the Easter wall quilt that will be replacing it in the next few weeks! ;)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Is it too late for Valentines?

For Christmas, I gave my Mom a pattern for a little wall quilt for each holiday. Then I told her that I kind of gave it to myself too- meaning I was going to join her and make them for me, too:) This was the first one I made, for Valentines Day! I embroidered "Love" in the corner, and all you have to do for the heart is sew strips of fabric together, then trace a heart on it, and cut it out! Then you applique it to the background and bind it! Super easy, and super cute!!