Sunday, August 1, 2010

Remember this wall paper? I thought this would be the biggest project we had ahead...but as you see below this post, I was dead wrong. Yes, tearing off all that wall paper was hellish, and painting wasn't a treat, but it was nothing compared to our other projects.

Just after we had torn all the nasty wall paper off the plaster walls...

The odd closet, before it was painted.

STARTING to come together. My Dad is a painter, and he had this room primed in less than 45 minutes! He is SO fast!!
And here I am, painting my little heart out, while Car demo'd the kitchen and boys' bedroom, and the kids were screaming. FUN!!
It's a two toned room, with a white chair rail separating them. I will post pictures of the completed room when I get around to it!

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