Thursday, July 29, 2010

Welcome to my kitchen, part 1

These first few pictures were taken the day we got our keys. We were just checking things out, and taking pictures...
The walls were a make shift sort of cardboard stuff that were glued onto the plaster walls behind them.
And the part of the wall at the top had SEVEN layers of wall paper on them!!! So when we started to tear the wall paper off, we realized that the whole wall needed to be taken down and replaced with drywall.
We thought this was an odd choice to put a GIANT shelf in this space...
until we moved it and discovered that THIS was why it was there:

Oh, just a big hole in the wall. This was once a door that connected a bedroom to the kitchen. WIERD!!
Here are a couple pictures of us still in the discovery stage of the massive project ahead...
And then came the DEMO...hours and hours of demo... seriously, Car would come home from work, and spend ALL night- usually til about 1am demolishing the lath and plaster walls. He would come home seriously BLACK, and it didn't wash off easily either- it took him about 40 minutes to scrub it off. Our great friend, Bryant helped a lot with the demo, too. THANK YOU BRYANT!!!

This is a picture of where the giant shelf was covering up the door- view into the boys' bedroom.
A picture of the glue and the laths (wood slats) just as you walk into the kitchen from the living room.
Another view into the boys' bedroom from the kitchen. We tore up the carpet in there and found pretty wood floors that we are going to refinish.
That is 100 year old lath and bits of plaster ceiling. (This is what it looked like after Car tore out the layers of wall paper and plaster ceiling) Pretty interesting actually.
This is the chimney that goes through the kitchen on the back wall/corner.
This is a pic of the last wall that needed to be demo'd

Another view from the kitchen into the bedroom. And to the right is the back door that leads to the laundry room.
Behind that sheet is the front room.
And a picture of the nasty lenolium that will soon be wood floors.

So, that's it! You thought you were going to see pictures of my cute decorated kitchen, right? WRONGO! We have now lived here for a week and a half, and the walls have now been drywalled, but we still have to hang the cabinets, then finish sanding, and put in the wood floor, then paint. But, I have to hand it to my husband for working SO dang hard!! He has laid the sub floor, installed the bottom cabinets, put in the sink (hopefully he will get it working today), installed most of the plumbing, framed and hung drywall, mudded the drywall, etc. It is getting there. But, if I have to live in a construction zone for too much longer, I think I might scream!! I haven't been able to cook, or wash my dishes for almost 2 weeks!! It's getting really old.


Jamie said...

We did the same thing when we purchased our home last year and all of your photos bring back those memories. That plaster dust is miserable stuff! Yay for finding hidden hardwood floors though!
It is hard living without a finished kitchen but so worth it when everything is finished!

Anonymous said...

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