Saturday, November 14, 2009

My thumb ain't green.

I got my husband this herb kit for Christmas last year. I even cut out vinyl with each of the herbs names to stick on the pots. Super cute, right? (We were both really excited about it at the time.) Well, I think we both suck at watering them, or making them grow, cause they didn't. I mean, they sprouted, but then we didn't know what to do with them. Oh, you cook with these things?? Ya, didn't do that. So, they died. And a piece of my heart died with it. So, I dug up these herbs...or what was left of them, and threw them away. Then I got some florist foam from the dollar store, and stuck it in the bottom of the pots. And I just shoved some artificial plants in there. And now it looks like I am oh so green, and grow my own plants. Ha!And this is the finished "fake out" herb arrangement. I put some artificial yellow pears by them too, just for a pop of color. And I must say, this is a major improvement to my dead window sill display before.

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