Saturday, November 14, 2009

From messy bookcase to organization station!

Here is my bookcase before the makeover. It has so much junk on it- like books we never read, random stuff we throw on it when we walk in the door, decorations, decorations, decorations.
Sooo, I wanted to simplify it, and make it much more useable space instead! FIRST: I de-junked it. Got rid of tons of magazines, books, old decorations,etc. Then, I took out the second shelf, and added some wainscotting panels to the back of the shelf. Then I painted them black, added some cute hooks, got some adorable apple baskets, made tags to label what is in them, and that's it! I am very happy with the improvement, and I must say, I am losing my keys, and shoes a lot less now that they have an assigned spot in my home!


Yes, I already have my Christmas stuff up. But, this is not to showcase my adorable handmade stockings, but to show the new backsplash, and hooks that I installed.
My awesome apple baskets that fit perfectly in my bookcase! I have them labeled- one for shoes, one for toys, one for books, and one for photo albums. I use the smaller baskets on the top shelf to hold my scarfs, gloves, and hats, and the other to hold our hand sanitizer, and any other odds and ends that we might throw in there when we walk in the door: like wallets, sunglasses, receipts, etc. And we hang out keys on the hooks! And please excuse my little monster in this one. I think he was yelling at me, and standing on my Christmas decor boxes that I just got the Christmas tree and ornaments out of!:)


The Barnharts said...

wow! what a difference- where did you find your apple baskets?

She's Crafty! said...

I got my apple baskets at Roberts, and they are way cheaper than most baskets. Like $6 each! And since I am super cheap, I used a coupon for each of them and got them for like $3!

Kati- said...

I know this is an old blog, but I wanted to say thank you for your idea with the beadboard on the back. I have been wondering what to do (with the same exact bookshelf) to cover the cheap looking back, and that is the way to go! Thank you for inspiring me! Keep up the excellent work, I love reading your blog!