Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Etched glass, Christ picture

Stupid blogger won't upload my pictures right, no matter which way I rotate them, so just pretend they are rotated.:)
I wanted to show you HOW TO etch glass. First, you need a pretty picture, mirror, or anything glass, a vinyl stencil (I made mine with my Cricut machine), & etching cream.
Then, you apply your vinyl stencil, and put plenty of etching cream over the stencil. Lay it on thick. Then you wait a few minutes, wash off the etching cream with a wet paper towel, and then take off the stencil, wipe it all off with another wet paper towel, and you are done! So easy!:)
I wish I had a better picture, because this really doesn't do it justice! It is so pretty in real life! I made it for my sisters "secret sister". It says "Hope in Christ", and at the bottom, "Oakcrest 2009"- which is an LDS girls camp here in UT that my sister worked at this summer.
I put it on a really pretty easel that I got at Rod Works- one of my favorite stores!


The Harris Family said...

Wow this is a beautiful gift. I also love the temple one below. My sister is getting married in SL soon and this would be perfect.

Ruth said...

blogger does this to my pictures sometimes, too. I love this idea. You can make a plain picture so much nicer.