Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oops! I was all geared up for a girl...and it's a BOY!

"But Mom, you made a GIRL carseat canopy!" Uh, ya- his face says it all. We ALL thought it was a girl! Wrongo!
All the bows I either made, or bought (mostly made), in anticipation of our little girl- who is clearly not a girl!
The doll house I made for "her" for Christmas. Oops! (More to come on this- including the tutorial I followed.)
Again, my little Charlie is thinking "Mom, why did you collect so many girl clothes!?"
This is some of the stuff that I have collected over time, thinking that for sure, our second baby would be a girl. haha. Guess I was wrong!


♥Andrea♥ said...

Sorry! I went through the same thing. I actually cried at the US when I saw his little thingy. :( I love him tons though!

DV-Becca said...

LOL- that happened with my first- Except reverse- I thought boy- so not! Good luck with that :)

Ruth said...

Wow~ Was it a total surprise when it was a boy. That happened with my sil. They told her she was having a girl and only had girl things. Once the baby was born it was a boy.