Thursday, July 9, 2009

My "Christmas in May" Birthday Party!

In May, I celebrated my birthday by having a "Christmas in May" party! I don't know anyone that loves Christmas more than I do! In fact, I am listening to Bing Crosby Christmas right now!! It's July!! Anyway, so I just couldn't resist having a Christmas themed party. All of the guests were required to wear jammies, like on Christmas Eve. We watched Elf, and White Christmas, sipped hot cocoa, ate cheesy spinach dip, and cupcakes!! It was such a blast!! (The top picture is of me, and all my sisters:)
My friend gave me a paper cutter. Can you believe I didn't have one!!? Pathetic, I know.
And the highlight of the party... the huge pinata stuffed with magnets, scrapbook stickers, combs, note pads, and candy! (You can tell it was a huge blast by the look on my friend's face! It has "This is better than Christmas!" written all over it:)
You better believe I got way into hitting that pinata!
And the treat table. I even made my husband get some of my Christmas decorations out for it:) And I don't know if you can tell, but I used clear glasses, and Christmas colored pots to make different levels for the food! It just made it a little more interesting:)


Lizzy said...

Happy belated Birthday, looks like it was a blast!

Amber/Rayne said...

I really like this idea! If m birthday wasn't so close to the holidays already iwould so do something like that.

Meka said...

What a fun idea! I love all your ideas- I gave you a blog award (which you've probably have already revived before)on my craft blog!