Friday, June 5, 2009

My Cup Runneth Over

Meet Tracy! She is the blog author of a very inspirational blog, called "My Cup Runneth Over". She shares so many personal stories, triumphs, and trials, and she even shares recipes, and on occasion: "Thrifty Thursday". I am telling you about Tracy, because she was the second person to donate to the Relay for Life that I am helping out with, since my friend passed away from Cancer. (Read more about that, here) She was SO generous to donate 12 amazing handmade cards, and 4 packages of magnets for the gift bags that I am putting together for the cancer survivors at the Relay this month. If you are interested in donating some blank cards to our survivors (so they can write someone who helped them through their battle with cancer), please email me at
This is her header from her blog. Doesn't it look tasty!?

And I love the post she did just a while back about Thrifty Thursday. I am such a sucker for thrift stores, and finding things that look old and run down and turning them into something fabulous!! Apparently, Tracy loves that too!:)
Be sure to go give her some comment love, especially because of a personal trial she is going through right now with her Father. I know that I will be keeping him in my prayers, Tracy!

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