Friday, June 5, 2009

Michelle AKA Mom

Michelle AKA Mom so generously donated 15 beautiful handmade cards to the Relay for Life survivor gift bags!! Her cards are seriously works of art! I wanted to highlight a few little beauties that I found on her blog. First of all, the above picture. A little work apron for her little lady! And get this- NO SEW!!! What!? She rocks.
K, and THIS?? How did she make that!? I LOVE it!! I know I say this a lot but, I NEED a little girl! (Keep your fingers crossed that the creature growing in my belly turns out that way!:)
And what a clever idea for graduation cards! I love it! Head over to her blog and check out more of her awesome ideas!!
And THANK YOU for your donation! When the bags are all put together, I will post pics of them!:) Thanks to all of you who have helped and donated so far!!:)


Talia said...

WOw, I WANT to make that cubby when I have a kid! That is so awesome!

Michelle said...

You are very welcome for the cards and I am happy that you like them. I can't wait to see the gift bags and magnets and such that other fellow bloggers donated too.

Thank you for featuring my blog.