Sunday, November 28, 2010

Once was old, now is new...

I wish I would have remembered to take a before picture of this...but I remembered to take one just after I had primed it. So, just imagine the ugliest color of wood...and that was it. So, the top picture is the white primer...But anyway, here is what it looks like now!:

Huge improvement if you ask me! I love this sage green color. It is actually the same paint I used on my front door and the accent color on the exterior of my house.
So, if you are wondering how to refinish something of your own, here is the rundown of what I did:
1.Prime it! Use and OIL BASED primer- I used Kilz Original- found at Home Depot.
2.Paint it! Any color you like!:)
3.Paint it again! Only if you think it needs a second coat though...if you like the way it looks, more power to ya!
4.Glaze it! This was my first time using the glaze, and I totally LOVE it! I used Ralph Lauren Faux Technique Glaze, tinted Tobacco. You get it at Home Depot, but make sure to ask them to tint it for you! Then just brush it on, and really get it into the cracks, and then wipe the excess off with a rag. This is by far my favorite step, cause you can get really artsy with it. It totally changes the piece!
5.Seal it! I used a high gloss sealant- Minwax Polyurithane. This stuff stinks. Just FYI.
6. Let it dry and you are done!

P.S. Let each coat/step DRY COMPLETELY before you apply the next. I learned this the hard way. I was so excited to get my glaze on...cause it's my fav step...and when I started rubbing the excess glaze off with my towel, it rubbed off some of my paint job too! Lesson learned.

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