Sunday, September 19, 2010

Curb Appeal!

First impressions are SO important! So, having a great curb appeal is too! It's the first impression of your house, and the way you live! Here are a few ideas on how to update, or freshen up the look of your home!

Other things you can do to spruce up your curb appeal:
-spray paint some pots and plant flowers to put on your door step
-put out a cute bench, or seating area.
-put some pillows on your bench or chairs.
-vinyl lettering is inexpensive, and can make a big statement!
-landscaping- change up the plants in your yard- we are going to plant drought- resistant plants this fall!
-hang a cute wreath, or seasonal decoration--but be sure to only hang your favorites, so you don't look like you have a year round yard sale:)

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