Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Can you spray paint ceiling fans?

First I took apart every little piece of this ceiling fan... every screw. It took forever...oh and later that day I got the flu, and so I didn't get very far for a few days. ANYWAYZZZ, I first hosed off all the fan blades so they were nice and clean. Then I let them dry. Then I spray painted them white. Then my husband helped me get the whole fixture off the ceiling, and he spray painted them silver. Here is the part that SUCKED: We didn't wait long enough for the silver paint to dry. We were too excited to see how nice they would look up, so we put them back together, and then turned them on. Silver paint splotches EVERYWHERE! On my NEW black leather sofas, our wood floor, our recliner, our clothes, our KIDS...ya, you get the picture. It made for a lot of clean up. So, WAIT til they are completely dry!! Oh, and only spray LIGHTLY onto the part where the motor is. My husband sprayed a little too much on one of them, and when we turned it on, we could hear the motor TRYING to turn, but it wouldn't. So we left it on for a couple nights, and then it worked fine. It was just really sticky from the paint that was still wet. So those are my two tips... of what not to do. But, I must say, I am VERY happy with the outcome of this project!!

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