Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Missionary Mini Photo Album

My little sister is going on a mission soon, so for her birthday I made her a little scrapbook that will fit in her scripture bag, so that she can show the people on her mission pictures from home. My husband took a small album on his mission and he said that everyone loved to look at it.
I put pictures of where she is from- UT, and a picture of our parents. And a picture of the Salt Lake Temple.
I left a page for her to put pictures of her home- so my parents house, and the mountains that they see every day. (One of my very favorite things about UT!)
And I left some pictures for her to put our family pictures in that we are getting taken in a couple months- right before she leaves:) This book is also for her to carrier a little piece of home with her where ever she goes:)


Melissa said...

What a great present! My husband always asks the missionaries to see pictures of their families. Its nice to know where the great Elders (and Sisters) come from and to see their families.

Shian said...

What a thoughtful idea!

Jessica said...

One of my favorite birthday presents for sure! I showed it to the sister missionaries in this area and they thought it was so clever! :D

Green Eyed Girl said...

She will LOVE it... great idea! TFS! Vicki