Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Etched pictures

I etched a bunch of pictures for Christmas gifts, and I didn't want to post them til after Christmas, so that I wouldn't ruin the surprise!:)
you can see the etch in this one better than the first. It's a picture of Christ and little children and I etched the words "as I have loved you". I gave this one to my little sister who is going on a mission soon!
I etched "rausch", my aunt and uncle's last name, and their anniversary at the bottom.
And I gave this one to my Mom. Her Dad (who passed away before I was born) took this picture of the St. George temple when he was on his honeymoon with my grandma, in the 50's. Pretty good quality for it being so old! But I blew up the picture, and etched the word "eternity" on it.

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