Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas Decorations...a little late

My husband made this awesome pinata!! And I decorated it:) It took forever- with the newspaper strips, dipping it in a glue mixture, and putting it over the balloons. But, it was worth it! It turned out so good!

Some of my ornaments. Growing up, my Mom always had a picture of each of us kids on the tree. I loved it, so I am continuing the tradition! I just got the plain wood picture frame ornaments at Roberts, and then colored them with Sharpies!:)
This one is for my baby Owen, who came four days after Christmas:) It will have a picture in it next year.
This is me, at 3 years old. awww!
And my husband at about 3 years old. awww!
And my little guy, Charlie at 21 mo. old. Awww!
This is just a glass block that I put some rub-ons and stickers on, and tied a bow around.:)
My adorable nativity! I have been searching for a cute one, and I came across this one at Roberts, and I got it for 65% off, before Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

The snowman pinata turned out awesome!! I also love the Nativity. That is the cutest one I've ever seen.