Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas Advent Calendar

This is a very special advent calendar. I grew up with one just like it, and this Christmas, my Mom decided to make them for my sisters...but she told me that I was capable of making my I did:) lol She helped though:) But I remember when I was just little, looking forward to picking out one of the stuffed felt peices from the pockets, and putting it on. So I wanted to keep that tradition for my own kids!
This thing is a piece of work, I tell you! It took HOURS and HOURS to make!! Each piece is hand cut, hand pieced, and hand embroidered. But it was all worth it!:)

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Shian said...

That must have been a Homemaking Night project. My mom made one exactly like that when we were little. She is now working on making one for all of us as well. How funny that you all loved it that much too!