Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nothin's better than FREE!

My little guy, sporting his new, FREE, outfit. So handsome!:)
My stake did a "clothing swap" a couple weeks ago, and it turned out so awesome! I want to organize something like this with my extended family, or just friends!! It's such a great idea, especially in an economic downturn! Sooo, everyone donated the clothes they didn't need anymore, and then a few days later, the Relief Society presidencies organized all of it into size and gender, and then we all went shopping for FREE! So, all the peeps in my stake went and got stuff for their kids, or for themselves. It was so nice! I ain't too proud- share and share alike...that's what I always say. (ok, I admit- I have never said that before. but I should!) I got some pretty great stuff! Some heels for me, and a couple maternity shirts...a couple outfits for my little boy, and some shoes...and then some jammies and shoes for my baby on the way! It was so great! So, everyone should do a clothing swap!!:)

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Shian said...

Our stake had a clothing swap last month too! But they forgot to tell the primary, so I had no idea until the next week. Wish I had known!