Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'll tell ya what I want...what I REALLY REALLY want!!

I have had my eye on this white IKEA workspace for over a year now. I love the cubbies it has for storage, with the desk attached to it. It would be oh, so perfect for scrapbooking, and cutting fabric!! Problem: It's like $200. And with only my husband's part time income, that's just not gonna fly. (He is a full time biochemistry student.)

I also want an adorable white desk like one of these!! I spend hours collecting paint swatches, fabric samples, and magazine pictures of my ideal craft room, and these are a few of my favorites. I just hope that someday this will be a reality!!

Here is another picture of the ikea workspace that I want to get. So, if anyone has an idea of how I can raise $200 to get this, PLEASE enlighten me! Or, if you find yourself rolling in the dough, and have just been waiting for a great thing to spend it on, keep me in mind!:)lol OR, buy one of my nursing covers!!


Hannah Stevenson said...

I was just at Ikea on Monday and was seriously drooling over everything.

My problem is that I have more children then bedrooms so wouldn't have anywhere to put this. So I first need to raise about 50k and then $200 to have my Ikea dreams realized. You are a lot closer than I am if that makes you feel any better! ;)

Carrie said...

That is an awesome workstation. I haven't been able to find it online. What is it called or do you know the product number? Just doing a little research for workspaces. I don't have the money at this time either to purchase this workspace. But I would like to show my husband what I am looking for so that he can either build it for me or save the money and purchase something like it. :0)

D'On Marx said...

HA!HA! I was just talking to my cousin about rearranging my office and checked out Ikea for bookcases and found some. In fact, my cousin just purchased the same ones. The next day I checked out your website and lo and behold YOU had the same one we were looking at. LOVE IT! I REALLY REALLY want that one too.