Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tribute to my Mom!

This picture is of my Mom as a little baby, being held by her grandfather. Amazing!
And again, this is my Mom as a baby, being held by her other grandfather. I love it!!
For mothers day this year, I decided to get some pictures of my Mom's childhood- the two above, and blow them up and frame them for her! Such a simple, yet very meaningful gift. My Mom is so great! She raised 6 kids (I'm the 4th), is a dedicated member of the Church, and is admired by many for the person she is. She is so talented also. Check out just a few of the quilts she has made, and documented on her quilting blog.
I love you, Mom! Happy Mothers Day!!
This picture is of the St. George LDS Temple. I love this picture for many reasons. My Mom's father took this picture on his honeymoon, but since I never met him (because he died before I was born), this picture says a thousand words to me- about him, about his faith, and about what he would have taught me, if I would have been able to meet him. I blew it up and it now hangs in my bedroom. I know this picture probably speaks a million words to my Mom as well, since it was taken by her father!


Hebdon Family said...

Those pictures are so beautiful! Especially the one that Grandpa took of the St. George Temple. I love it!

Janele said...

What an amazing picture. I love that he was able to capture the quiet beauty of the temple. I think some of the best art can be found right outside our doors when you have a good eye and a steady hand. Thank you for sharing this.