Monday, May 18, 2009

Craft Organizer

I am holding it from the top, inside out, to show you how I sewed the bags into the bindings. (I did two bindings, but you could just do one if you want.)
Laying flat, with the outside showing.

A picture of my messy flosses. I use the back and front of the organizer (on the inside) for needles.

This shows the "binding" that I made- just a strip of fabric with a straight seam down the middle to hold it in place, against the back of the organizer.

The "binding" I made to hold the bags in place.

I have had a lot of questions about my craft organizer, so I thought I would do my best to explain how I made it for those of you who want to make your own! Click HERE for some pictures in my original post about this organizer.

First: get all your materials together. 1-prequilted fabric, and a fabric for the inside (if your quilted fabric is not double sided.) 2-zip lock bags (as many as you want) 3-sewing machine 4-thread

To be honest, I never measure anything!! I just hold it up and if it looks good, I stop cutting. If it doesn't look good, I keep cutting. So, just make sure that you cut your fabric to be bigger than your zip lock bags.

I cut one piece of the prequilted fabric, and then sewed an inside liner in with my other fabric- the green leafy fabric. Make sure you cut your liner a little smaller than your prequilted fabric so that you can fold the prequilted fabric over and make an edge.

After the outside of the organizer is assembled-and you have sewed the edge, you will want to make a little "binding" for the zip lock bags. I just cut a strip of fabric (same as the liner fabric), and folded it over the bottom part of my bags. To attach it to the organizer, just sew a straight line right down the middle of that strip. Don't worry about how it looks on the other side- which is the outside of the organizer, because you are using prequilted fabric, and the seams on the outside aren't noticable.

Then, I pinned my bags together real good (cause they slip all over the place!!), and sewed them together, along the bottom of the bags. Sew them right into the little strip of fabric (the "binding"). Then you are basically done!


The Godoy's said...

thanks girl!! you are awesome!!! I will let you know how mine turns out! I just made an apron and a bag to hold all my plastic grocery bags...they were my first projects and I had a blast! I love sewing!!! So I am really excited to do this organizer!!

Embellished Bayou said...

What a great idea, thanks for sharing!