Thursday, April 9, 2009

Craft of the Week-Grandma Jo's Vintage Quilts!

I I aint gonna lie. Grandma Jo is MY MOM! I have wanted to feature her work for a while, so here it is! She is such an amazing quilter, and her blog shows just a FEW of the examples of her handiwork! Check out her blog though! You won't be disappointed.:) She even has a few quilts up for sale. So if you want to buy one, email me-, and I will hook you up:)This quilt is hand peiced and hand stitched. The entire thing! She is incredible! She is selling this gorgeous quilt for $99-which is a steal when you consider how much work she put into this!!
She made this quilt for my little guy, before he was born. This is his crib, and it hangs there now! His room is fisherman themed:)
And this is the quilt she made for my wedding! This is when it used to be on my bed, but I retired it to a quilt rack in my front room, so that it doesn't get too worn out. I LOVE tulips!

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