Friday, April 17, 2009

Craft of the Week- E.A.D. Designs!

I knew you would all love E.A.D. Designs as much as I do, so here they are! Craft of the Week!! (Click on their logo above to link to their site!) (and Click on the picture BELOW to go to their company blog!)
I love their designs! They are so simple, which makes them perfect, and not overwhelming! Plus, they are based in UT with makes them even better!;)
This flag is so stinkin cute...and since it's the next major holiday, it would be perfect to buy right now!
Head on over to check 'em out!!

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The Barnharts said...

hi! thanks for coming by my blog, I wish I was crafty like you! What kind of dance do you do? I was really into ballet and modern but then life distracted me from it, I really miss it!