Friday, March 13, 2009

Quilt Swap

My Mom and her friends were kind enough to let me join their quilt swap! It starts out with a get together (with an even number of ladies), and you gab and eat, and then you go over the pattern of the quilt you want to do, then you each take home a copy of the pattern. Then you take all your scraps (which is what we did- a scrap quilt- but you could also use color coordinating fabrics), and then start cutting away! After you are done, and you have sewn together all your blocks, you will have a complete quilt that will look like mine:
Here is my quilt- all the blocks are sewn together, but the quilt is NOT sewn together.Here is our cute little quilt group! We are each holding one of the blocks we made! This is at the SECOND get together. At the second get together, you gab and eat ( we always do a yummy pot luck), and then you stack all your own blocks, and everyone else does the same. Then you go around and take two of each other's blocks. (You will end up with two of your own- and 14 of everyone else's). Then you go home, and get busy sewing the quilt together!! Here is mine, all finished!!
I embroidered all of our names on one of the blocks that I made so that I will remember exactly who participated in the quilt:)
Here she is! My first patchwork scrap quilt! I used a pretty lime green fabric for the backing, and then did a fold over edge to bind it. Then my Mom was kind enough to help me tie it!

There is also a THIRD get together- at the third one, you get together and GAB and EAT, of coarse, and then you each show off the quilt that you finished! So much fun! (Unfortunately, I have a dance team reunion the same day as this third get together, so I can't go. But I will be at all three get togethers for our next quilt that we will be doing in a few months!!)

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