Thursday, March 5, 2009

Craft of the Week

If you haven't noticed, I am featuring one craft of the week, aside from my own crafts, which will still be coming regularly!! If you would like to be featured, click on "Craft of the Week" above for more info!


Lexi over at Sugar and Spice 4 Baby has such a cute idea! She has made little silhouette bow holders that double as adorable room decor! Also, Lexi is donating a portion of her sales in from her etsy store (from now til Aug. 5) to String of Pearls,which is a foundation for babies with health problems!
Oh my goodness, if she isn't the cutest little thing ever!!
How cute! This would be perfect for a little girl who has lots of bows that need a place to be displayed when not in use!

Lexi also sells bows, and this turtle and ice cream cone are just ADORABLE!!! I have never seen anything like these! Head over to her site and check out what else she has to offer!

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