Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Craft of the Week- Forever and a Day

I made a trade with Selissa, over at Forever and a Day, and I just had to feature her because I LOVED this trade!! I don't even remember what I gave her, but I DO remember what I got!:) I got two pairs of adorable booties!! She is so talented! I can't wait to learn how to crochet like her!
Adorable cowboy niece has some of these, with a pink ribbon around cute!
These are the ones I got for my little guy. Stinkin cute! He looks like an old man walkin around in his slippers:)
And I also got these! Just in case I ever have a girl:) I love the cross over straps!!

And this is amazing! Look how awesome this blessing dress is!! I REALLY hope I have a girl next, cause I WANT this dress!!

What I really loved about Forever and a Day is that her prices are unbeatable. Seriously! For the time and work this girl puts into this, it's like stealing from her! Head over and check her on out!


Chris said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog wall over at Facebook Rachelle. You have a gorgeous blog as well. Take care Chris x

Chelsea Ling said...

those little pink shoes are adorable!