Friday, March 13, 2009

Collage Frame Makeover!

I got this old ugly collage frame at the DI for $4! Another...steal! I told my husband I only bought it for all the pictures of that hot 80's model, though:) It was missing some of the glass, and it had chips and scratches all over it, so what did I do?? MAKEOVER!! And I always catch myself going with really neutral colors, so this time I headed out to the "Re-Store" (home improvement outlet), and got some fun paints! I got them for 50cents a pint!! Wow! I got some other killer deals there too, but I will tell ya'll about those later.

AFTER!! Since it was missing glass, I painted some stars with a dusty light pink color and tied them in the slots that I couldn't put pictures in. I also had these 5x7 pictures of my little guy that I had taken so I popped those in there, and I love how it turned out!:)
Total cost: $5!!


Shalee said...

You amaze me! I love it!!!!

Joe and Victoria said...

you are SO creative. I love reading your blog!

Sarah Flib said...

I thought this was cool when I saw it at your house today, and now that I know how you revamped it I'm even more impressed. What a great idea!