Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentines Gift/Anniversary Gift

Is this hint too subtle?:)
The book of love

Here are all the cards laid out before I tied them all together with ribbon! Each is a little love note, or quote, or something that reminds me of my hubby:)
It is my third wedding anniversary next week, so I wanted to make something special for the hubby:) I saw a cute idea highlighted on tip junkie last week, so I thought I would do my own version of it! (sorry, I like mine better). It is just a stack of cards that are scrapbooked! Genius!
I think it also doubles as a Valentines Day gift- dontcha think??


Mike and Corie said...

Rachelle, my goodness, you have been busy! You have so many ideas, and they are all super cute! way to go on that zipper. I have to tell you I tried to make a skirt for myself last year and it turned out great, all that is EXCEPT the zipper. my first attempt was a disaster! haha. BOO YA!
anyway, you are very crafty and I like the name Owen too for another little kid!
I miss you, lets do something soon okay?

Joe and Victoria said...

that a cute idea! Man you really did upload a ton of pictures and I love them ALL... you are SUPER good at all this crafty stuff!

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ford said...

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