Sunday, February 1, 2009

On the FRITZ!!

Sorry folks, my camera is on the fritz! I am so angry at it!!! I have been super busy with crafts galore, that I really want to post about, but it's NO fun without any pictures!! I am planning on buying a new camera this week (even though I shouldn't, since the one I want/need is so expensive), but anyway, later this week I will update with pics of oodles of awesomeness! STAY TUNED:)
Sneak peek...(without the peek, lol)
I have made in the last couple weeks-
-a table skirt for big craft table
-a lining for a basket that holds big rolls of my vinyl
-some scrapbook pages for my calendar
-a bunch of vinyl lettering
-a valentines day banner
-a really cute nursing cover
-a neck roll pillow- this one is awesome!
-a bench cover (that matches the neck roll, in my room)
-a cute pin cushion
-a pair of little girl pants
-a baby wrap
-an altered baby onsie with an applique
-an awesome toy box that my Grandpa made for my Dad and his siblings when they were little! I painted it with a couple different faux finishes!
and a few other things that I am working on!


Joe and Victoria said...

I can't wait :) I love viewing all your creative stuff!

peata said...

all that in a week!
that's insane
can't wait to see the pics.