Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Creative Coping

I have had some interest in what I like to call my "Creative Coping Mechanism". So I wanted to give you the story.:) When my baby was 10 weeks old, I started to feel really horrible. I felt like I couldn't do anything about it. I felt lost. I cried constantly, and I worried that I couldn't control my emotions anymore. I tried to find someone who had been through the same thing, but I couldn't. It seemed I was the only one! (Which is another reason I want to share my story- so that you know you are not the only one!!) So that is when I called my doctor. He told me a little about postpartum depression. He prescribed me some anti-depressants. They helped. But they didn't make the problem go away completely. So I decided to really pray hard! Then all of a sudden I started wanting to do different projects all the time. I wanted to learn new things constantly. I either taught myself how to do things, or I got help learning new things. I learned to sew, digital scrapbook, hand embroider, make vinyl lettering, refinish almost any type of furniture... and I am still learning! I found a place inside me that makes me feel happy. The Lord really blessed me with this ability. I came to KNOW my Heavenly Father through this trial. I have found so much happiness through my little family, my faith, and now-my hobbies!:)

Eventually, when we have a little more money...or a lot, I want to focus on my DREAM to someday open a place of business where women of any age, race, or health status can come and "cope" together, and share their creativity, inspiration, and stories! Help this "CRAFT THERAPY" become a reality! Donate to the cause!

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Kim - said...

thank you! you are now officially my proof reader! I could try to blame Shannon, but I think I actually did that. :)