Monday, January 5, 2009

Vinyl Lettering Crafts

This one is still in the works. It is above my bed, and I have some other stuff to do to it before it looks how I want it to:)
Also in our bedroom. I tell ya, vinyl lettering is a RENTER'S dream!!
This is in my craft room. NO, I don't think I am a creative genius, but it is what I would like to aspire to someday!:)
The step stool that Charlie got from Santa. I spiced it up with his name and a little owl!
I gave my husband a kitchen herb garden for Christmas and I was shocked at how much he loved it!! I made little labels for each herb!

And I ordered the vinyl on this last project from The Letter Factory! I love it! I just put it on a pizza pan and hung it in my kitchen!
I got a CRICUT expression for Christmas, and I have been having a BLAST with it!! Especially cutting vinyl! These are just a few things I have been doing with it!

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