Saturday, December 27, 2008

Another Cape

This is another cape I made for a trade I did. I thought it was dang cute, but I'm not so sure how the lady I traded with felt about it. She seemed kind of funny about it. But whatev! I think it's cute! I made Charlie a cape, and you can see that one too, by clicking on the link in my sidebar- "cape".


C&CSant said...

What did you trade her for? One day can I pay you to teach me how to sew? I really want some sewing lessons. When I start staying home I want to be more crafty. Oh and how much what your circuit? I want one and need to save for next year so I can do more vinyl gifts as well!

Sherral said...

Cool cape! And those hair clips down bellow are dang cute. Good job!

Kendra said...

I agree with you! I have a need to be creative. Sometimes it's hard to balance that need with other needs like cleaning my house, but it is very theraputic and fulfilling. I'm loving all of your fun projects on your blog!