Thursday, October 16, 2008

Double-sided Purse!

K, I have been wanting to make a purse that I could put around me like a messenger bag for a long time now, and I just got the fabric to do it! I did two sides so it looks more "patchy", and I put pockets on it- one for my stuff, and one for Charlie's diapers!:) I made the strap look "patchy" by using alternating fabrics, and then put knots in the sides for decoration and to hold it all together. I am pretty happy with the result!:)
And the best part about this, is that I got all the fabric from the DI!! It was all scraps, and I think it came from an upholstry shop or something, because they are all really pretty, and have a lot of different textures. Whoo for the DI!! (I love me a good DI find!)

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Adhering Thoughts said...

Thanks so much for the email. Your blog is darling, and I love the first catch lettering! Do you mind if I use that in a future gallery?