Monday, September 22, 2008


I'm not ashamed to boast about this one! My Mom taught me how to applique last week. It is my new favorite thing to do!! I made this awesome stocking all by myself!! I was so proud. The only thing missing is the name of my future baby girl! (But that will just have to wait.) So anyway, I appliqued all the shapes on to make an angel, and then I hand stitched around each little peice. Then I sewed all the layers together to make the stocking, and lastly, put a hook on it, embellished it, and then bound it.
This one is a bag that I attached loops with velcro on and attached it to my laundry basket. It holds my fabric softener tissues, and stain stick!


Emily said...

So so cute!! I love it. I love doing applique and I was actually thinking about trying it again. Now that you showed me some cute stuff it has inspired me. I also love your teddy bears and your stocking.

C&CSant said...

That is so stinking cute! I don't even know what applique means!